In general, in a real estate transaction, the real estate consultant represents both the seller and the buyer. Therefore, in order for documentary checks to be carried out as efficiently as possible, it is preferable that they are carried out by notaries

Signing the sale / purchase agreement

Once you have found your home you decided to buy, you will sign the pre-sale sale contract. It is preferable to have a public notary with whom you will have to enter into all the details. Legal and Valuable Sales and Purchase Agreements signed with real estate agencies. We recommend that the term you set in the pre-contract for the conclusion of the sale-purchase contract is at least 30 days from the signing of the pre-contract in order to have time for the purchase and conclusion of the credit documentation. The nim collection landed in ang mo kio is the best option there.

If you do not have the approved loan, then you will have to hurry and get all the necessary documents required by the client adviser during the meetings at the bank.

Do not forget that you are not the only one who buys a home, certainly before you were people who encountered the same difficulties and for whom solutions have already been found.

Concluding the sale-purchase contract

On a mutually agreed day, the sale and purchase contract and the mortgage contract will be signed (if you purchase the property by bank credit). The signing of the two contracts is done in front of the public notary and the legal representative of the financing bank.

Registration in the Land Registry

After signing the contract, the public notary who authenticated the document shall send it to the competent Land Registry Office for your property right and, where applicable, the registration of the mortgage on the building in favor of the financing bank, to be entered in the Land Registry.


Intaglio is the document that legally transfers ownership of the buyer. Only the person who is listed as the owner of the dwelling will have the right to sell or borrow money from the bank leaving the home security. The main purpose of the tabulation is to recognize the new owner. With the well known christian funeral services you will find the options essential.

It is a question that certainly has been addressed by many. The coffin is the way the reprisal is protected by the weight of the earth and protected to rest under the shadow of the One who created it. As with baptism, it is set face to face because the Christ first descended on earth, and at His second coming, it will come from the East. You have noticed that the body is covered with a white cloth before entering the living space. This act has religious significance and is practiced to show that the one who leaves this world is under the Creator’s cover.

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